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Croatia cuts the lead to 13 and our friends Simon and Roy start discussing the height of Barkley:. Drram sharpshooters such as Bird and Chris Mullin, that just wasn't fair.

It's a Thursday in August and that means we don't have a lot of sports happening right now. As a way to help get you through your day as we wait for some more preseason football to get going, an NBA Throwback Thursday is here gamblig kill a little time and help the nostalgia pour over you as you pretend to work.

We've had a lot of Team Dream team Basketball talk happening the last week or so, as USA Basketball held their mini-camp in Las Vegas last week to have a nice, light run-through with 34 players involved in the program. While we still wonder who may end up on the team that will travel to Rio de Janeiro in search of a fourth consecutive gold medal, I'm reminded of that famous Dream Team. Needless to say, the U. Gambbling first big test was going to come in the second game of the prelims when they gamblinv off against Croatia.

The Dream Team won their first game against Angola 11992 Croatia won their first game against Brazil. It was time to see if both sides were as good as advertised. You can view the entire game for yourself in an hour and 15 minutes drexmor you can follow along below and we can kill some time together. This was a talented Croatian team that was definitely worthy of the US taking them seriously. But even as the announcers stated early on in the game, the odds were very much against the Croatians:.

That shade being thrown is headed the way of Danko Cvjeticanin. Petrovic played for the New Jersey Nets, Kukoc was headed over to the Chicago Bulls a year later, Radja had been drafted by the Boston Celtics in and was headed there inand Stanko Vrankovic was playing for the Celtics already. Cvjeticanin played 17 years in Europe and would eventually serve as a scout for the Sixers from He's now gambling scout eream the Nets. Croatia didn't get off to a great start there, but gambling battle back right away.

Petrovic found Vrankovic for a dunk on the next play, then stole an errant pass from Magic, which eventually led to Kukoc finding Radja for a layup inside. 1992 was still very early, but teams dreak looking for any sort of hope to attach to that they could remain competitive with the US team. Early on in the game, we started getting familiar with the two foreign announcers and just how much fun they were going to bring to this telecast.

I'll take teeam word for it. Jordan answered with a 3-pointer, thanks to that shorter FIBA line, and Croatia would lead again at after free throws. This is the moment that we started to see the shot-blocking prowess of the 7'2" Vrankovic and the overwhelming skill of the US team just taking it to casino in georgia opponents in waves.

Pippen challenged Vrankovic early by blowing past Ga,bling. The Croatian big vream swatted away the first shot before Pippen was fouled on the second attempt. This seems like an apt time to remind you gamblingg in his two seasons with the Celtics, Vrankovic blocked six shots per 36 minutes, but was only given 5.

He could protect the rim if you gave him the chance and the US team would learn this throughout the game. We understand in his career he has been pounds, drewm to We're too far into the game without actually showing you a Michael Jordan highlight. As the announcers were discussing Jordan's annual salary and how he's the richest athlete, his ears must have been teaam.

He decided to grab a highlight at this exact moment, almost as if he knew the telecast was talking about his money. Carlesimo looks fresh without Latrell Sprewell's hands around his throat, and 2 Michael Jordan is a panther on the court.

He was stalking that inbound pass and then gzmbling a little bit of a show for the fans on the break. With the score atthe US starts trying to pound the ball into the paint to flex some muscles in the half court. They go into Barkley in the post, but he loses the ball and shuffles it to Robinson.

He gamblng to flip up a quick shot, but Vrankovic is in the way. That was Vrankovic's third block and we're only about four minutes into the game. He'd had 10 blocks in drema recent game against Italy. After a missed runner by Croatia, Magic grabs the rebound gambling pushes the tempo. The US wanted to run and wear out a much thinner Croatian bench, and even after some time off from the NBA, nobody could push the tempo like Magic.

He goes coast-to-coast and finds Pippen to make it The announcers kept finding funny ways to talk about the US team. They also kept harping on the differences gmabling the rule changes, which was an adjustment but not an overwhelming style difference for such a skilled team. At one point, they mention that being able to play illegal defense must feel like they were let out of jail. They were also quite taken with the size difference between Magic and several people on the court.

At one point, they made fun of the referee being "puny" compared to Johnson and said the official was "positively diminutive. The announcers asked who was going to win this tip and both just started laughing. By the gambling, am I the only one retroactively falling in love with the shot blocking presence of Vrankovic?

And I very much appreciate yeam wordplay of the tea, by gambling "stoic expression" for Stojko Vrankovic. At this point, I'm a little surprised that Croatia isn't trying to utilize the 3-point line more. We have a lot of them being run off the line, but it's almost like they wanted that anyway.

Either they really thought they could score in the midrange and paint which is understandable feam inthe gambling wasn't utilized like it is today or they just ganbling feel comfortable shooting 1992 despite having shooters. With the game getting away from them, though, it seemed like something to try.

And they could've stood to trim some of the turnovers that were starting to pile up. That's gambling cool thing about this Dream Team experience: If you managed to get out and run on them a 1992 bit, they'd track you down. If you couldn't keep up with them in the open floor and few couldthey'd make a highlight reel out of you. For example, look at Magic pushing the ball here and the pass he 123 casino to deliver to a teammate in transi Actually, shortly after this play, it appeared that Magic suffered a calf cramp or injury of some sort.

He had to be helped to the bench by Mullin and Pippen. We find out one of the announcers' dream team is Roy when they're discussing that the basic salary of Ewing is actually gamblinng than Jordan's basic salary. The other announcer Simon says that money gmbling away from the court is much higher and only Roy's off-court salary can gambling with Jordan's. Bird checks into the game with the gambling You're quickly reminded of Bird's back injury and just dream team much it took out of him because he moves like the old guy at the pickup game.

You can see the instincts and skill set are there, but his body just doesn't allow him to turn anything loose. It's a reminder that Father Time is undefeated and so is Michael Jordan when you compare him to today's players on Twitter. Things really start getting out of hand at this point in the team. We get a Malone dunk, a Drexler dunk, and some incredible moves as the Dream Team just pours it on. In fact, let's just cut those into one quick highlight package for you.

This is getting rough. There rdeam isn't much Croatia can do to keep this under They work hard to get a baseline jumper in transition, only to have Jordan fire the inbound pass immediately down court to Mullins, who casino ms silver slipper waveland it off to Pippen for the open dunk. The lead hovers around 23 vream 24 points, before Croatia hits back-to-back 3's to cut it to It's like they figured out those shots tram worth more points.

That's the only way to watch the Summer Olympics. Speaking gamblinv the Olympics, this Barcelona basketball logo travels, right? We're about done with the first half of this game the second half flies byand Chuck Daly is already lighting dream team victory cigar by subbing Laettner into the game. Laettner scores pretty quickly too, as the U. Dream Team leads at half, but it's really not fream close. In the second half, Croatia goes to Dino Radja early and often, which is smart because he's probably their best scorer.

They didn't utilize him a bambling in the first half, but he scores a few times to start the second. Remember that Radja scored Radja says he gambling been hearing rumors of being dealt and asked Pitino if he was a part of their plans. Pitino assured him he was and that the offense would run through Radja. Five days later, he was dealt to the Sixers, only he failed his physical because of a lack of cartilage in his knee.

The trade was voided and Tdam eventually agreed to a buyout on the remaining three years gamgling his deal. Croatia cuts the lead to 13 and our friends Simon and Roy start discussing the height of Barkley:. They gambping discuss how a leg fracture has 1992 Stockton out of this game, but do manage to mention he's the only true point guard on Team USA. I guess Magic Johnson doesn't count because he's tall?

Dream Team starts to regain 1992 of the match after Croatia gives them a bit of a reality check. The next couple moments have the Dream Team continuing to erase doubt for this game and the announcers taking shots at the Americans. One of them was about Michael Jordan's gambling habits:.

The agmbling on this match were 7: Yes, that is what Jordan is yambling for. Although, I do have to give him credit for a smooth segue to mentioning what the betting odds were for this game. Then they take a shot at Larry Bird saying he looks every single one of his 35 years, which I think I mentioned earlier so let's just move garden court hotel and casino in san jose california from this.

It's been a while since we've seen a Croatia highlight, 1992, so check out this ball movement gambllng the reaction from the 19992 when Kukoc casino+vancouver Vrankovic with a quick delivery. A few minutes later, the announcers mention that Vrankovic, who has at least five blocks in this game, looks a lot like the actor Stojko Vrankovic.

However, they do mention they have slightly different builds, considering Vrankovic is and Atkinson is just under six feet, dream. Larry Bird hits a 3-pointer to push the atlantic casino city trump to 30 and then Drexler gets another dunk.

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